24 hour service available, if you have any questions please message through the website or Facebook

In most cases, you will be able to have the treatment of your choice.  However, as all cases are different to one another, it is best that you give us a call to make sure.

Please call 07551 455557 to check

Body Piercing FAQ’s

No, needle only. Guns cause more unnecessary trauma than needed and should definitely not be used on cartilage.

No we don’t. The NHS Choices website recommends no to do so as numbing can cause an increase risk of infection happening. Also the piercing is so quick that you are pierced before the numbing agent works. (Numbing sprays make the surface cold and can cause frostbite and damage tissue)

We use UK sourced surgical steel to ensure that there is no nickel content as this is what usually causes adverse reactions.

Tattoo Removal FAQ’s

The first consultation is mainly paperwork to check suitability ( this is free) if suitable then a patch test can be done ( cost £10)

This is done for a few reasons:

  • To show you how it feels
  • To see how your skin generally reacts
  • To check that you are not allergic to the ink once it enters your bloodstream.

If all is OK then treatments are charged st £40 per session ( working on roughly a 4″ square sized area) but price will be quoted st the initial consultation.

This is not a simple answer. There are lots of factors that can affect the end result.

Such as:

  • How good the artist was
  • The type of ink that was used
  • How your body reacts generally, to name a few!

Not for the patch test as we need to see how your skin reacts to the laser. If you feel that you wouldn’t be able to cope then you can use numbing cream for full treatments. (You will need to purchase it and apply it 2 hours before your appointment)

Our machine has 2 laser heads that work on different wavelengths:

  • Black/blue colours ( 1064nm)
  • Red/orange/brown ( 532nm)

At the moment there isn’t a laser head that we can use to remove green or white.

Carbon Peel FAQ’s

No! All you should feel is warmth and a slight pins and needles feeling.

The carbon paste that is applied dries on the skin surface and sticks to the skins outer layer of dead cells. The laser vaporises the carbon which as it comes away also removes those dead cells to leave a pinker, newer and more youthful look.

Fine lines can also be reduced by doing a second stage to promote new collagen production under the surface of the skin.

You can just have a one off treatment if you like for special occasions or regular treatments to promote reduction of fine lines. We recommend up to 2 sessions per month for up to 6 months. But this is totally up to you.